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"Here at Pink Lemonade we focus on helping patients and their families! We want to fight along side with you"

“I survived my own fight with breast cancer. What was important to me is that both of our children could enjoy being children while going through the battle. I needed friends and family to help me through. That's why we are here for you!”



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We provide yard maintenance and deliver meals to our clients having difficulty cooking for themselves, or need a break from the stress of cooking meals.

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To apply for meal delivery and yard maintenance requests, please complete our order request form. One of our volunteers will contact you after your request has been approved.

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Sponsor a Life

If you are an individual or business looking to help Sponsor a Life through giving, you can have the opportunity to help support meals and yard maintenance services to those in need.

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Pink Lemonade made all the difference in the world to me. I had no strength in me to make meals for my family or even take care of my own yard. Thanks Pink Lemonade!

Lisa Lane - Cancer Survivor

Our Service Provides


Meal Delivery

Pink Lemonade works hard to deliver meals to our clients that are have difficulty cooking for themselves, or need a break from the stress of cooking meals.  We provide meals to individuals battling cancer, and their live in family if needed.


Support Group Connection

We understand people battling cancer, their families or caretakers often need somebody to talk to.  Pink Lemonade offers a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to listen.  We understand you want to talk to somebody who has some experience with what your are going through.  That’s why we are here.


Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance can be next to impossible for any cancer patient battling through chemotherapy, radiation or other debilitating treatments.  Pink Lemonade volunteers are willing to help mow lawns, trim bushes, pull weeds, do any light yard clean up for a client that wants a little more pride in their yard.

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